Oliver turned three on Sunday May 29th.  I wonder if most parents do this, I assume they do, take a walk down memory lane and look at all of the photos and videos from the past.  In my case, photos from the last three years.  It is funny when I look at photos of my pregnancy or photos of Oliver, I can place myself back in the moment and remember it all.  For the most part they are happy memories but there are some that I look at and remember I was upset about something, I’m sure trivial and dumb.  Which brings me to my point of trying to be the best mom/person I know how.



As a person, not just a parent, we question most things that we do.  Did I say the right thing to him? Did I raise my voice too much?  Did I take him away from something he was enjoying too soon?  Do I feed him the right foods?  The list can go on and on.  And not to mention am I being the wife I should while being the mother I should?  It is endless when you think of the pressure to please all of those around you.




But one thing I have realized while doing this parenting thing.  We are going to make mistakes, say the wrong things at times, and at some point my child will probably tell me he hates me.  At the end of the day I am being the mom I know how to be, not the mom I saw myself being.  We all have this image of what life is going to be like when we have kids or not have kids.  And for the most part things do not turn out that way and believe me I am glad they are not the way I saw them because I would never ever sleep!!  Things change and you go with it.  My house may not be the cleanest and we may have eggs (or cereal) for dinner sometimes but life is full and happy.



Okay now to talk about the birthday boy. I’m not bragging here, but Oliver is well rounded and really enjoys being with and meeting new people, which has helped me being that I have introverted tendencies. Having a child who is extroverted has really forced me to talk to other parents at the park or wherever, where the old me would not have introduced myself. I would have just smiled and that would be that.  He loves drawing, painting, gluing, making collages, baking, acting like a butterfly or a princess, singing, dancing, running, climbing, jumping, throwing a ball, kicking a ball, forward rolls, eating chocolate.  I am to blame for his chocolate addiction because I have a piece of dark chocolate every night and now so does he (but not every night).  He does this thing now where he pretends he is on the phone with my parents or Jonathan’s and says “hi so and so I’d like a piece of chocolate”  and he does this in a low voice so I can not hear him like he’s trying to hide it.  HAHA…. it really makes me laugh.




I was going to order food for his party but decided to make it because my parents would be here so they could help with Oliver while I made food.  It all worked out great.  Oliver requested pink cupcakes so I made him strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting.  So good.  For the cake I made this delicious roasted almond cake that has a rhubarb filling.  I knew I wanted to make this cake the second I laid eyes on it.  It was heavenly.  I followed her directions to a tee and it turned out perfect!!! For food, I made a caprese sandwiches with a pesto spread and the other sandwich was prosciutto, brie arugula, and butter…..ummmm yeah to die for!!! For salads I went with a classic watermelon, feta, mint and balsamic, and the other salad was pesto pasta with peas and arugula.  Simple for a spring birthday outside, not too heavy but enough to fill people for lunch.






It was great party.  The bubbles were a hit, and so was the bubble pinata that Jonathan was still working on at 11 the night before.  It is so much fun to see these little babes grow into little people.  I love having conversations with all of them.  They all make me laugh……little humans such heart breakers!!!



Recipe for the toasted almond cake with rhubarb can be found here.  You can use a different fruit that is in season since rhubarb season is coming to a close, or if rhubarb is not your thing.


One Thought on “Three

  1. Marianne on June 3, 2016 at 5:58 am said:

    Oh! It was a magical day and one we will always remember. He’s so much fun to play with and observe; makes us laugh. So glad we could be there to share in the festivities.

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